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I celebrate today five years being a vegan! I will never go back, I will only go forward. I feel better, cleaner, lighter, my concentration is better and I sleep better, I never get colds any more. Go vegan and the same for you!

By tomas meat free

Many things to celebrate. I've used my last plastic straw. I've used my last bottle of water. I've used my last plastic toothbrush. I've taken my last plastic bag. I've used my last plastic fork and knife and spoon. And I've started to look for other things to eliminate. Before they eliminate us.

By alejandro

I just set up a composting center for my apartment. I put it way out back but it was surprising there was resistance. People were like afraid of insects and smell and that. I told them there isn't but whatever. Next celebration when they start to use it.

By Claudio

Thanks for the inspiration TJ!

I add that we gotta celebrate all the scientists that are saving information about climate science and climate change that the Republikans are taking down. Lots of scientists are doing it, visit Data Refuge ( that's making it searchable.

By Alan the B

Hey, we gotta celebrate whoever it is that created Resist Bot.  Read about it here ( and then sign up. I've been using it for the last six days and have sent over 14 faxes to my senators. They even send you images of the faxes. Come on folks, let's pile up the resistance!!!! 

By T.J.

I found out about the recycling waste facility in Lexington and I brought all of our old batteries there.  You can call them at 800-541-8673 and get information. I'm looking into how to get a container to recycle batteries into my school but it isn't obvious how.

By Anonymous

 I live on a farm. Can't remember exactly what it was, but something I read in McKibbin gave me an idea and so we've been looking the horses and cattle straight in the eyes. Don't know really how to describe it, but it's changing something for the better, making it not quite so easy to take them for granted. Just look them in the eyes like you would any of your daily acquaintances. 

By Rick M.

I contributed here before but I want to let people know about something new I did that maybe they aren't aware about. You waste a lot of water in a shower and its easy to buy a new shower top or head that reduces it. I got the watersense brand and its good, cost me just over 16 dollars so not much. Do what u can!

By Anita

Thanks, Charles! I'm spreading the word easwardly about New England Green Start. Much appreciated! 

By Kasanita Adibulou

I did it! I FINALLY convinced my mom to STOP using our clothe dryer and just put the wet clothes on a metal rack we always had. She Really is lazy and didn't want but I convinced her by showing an article about ti that I printed out. THANK YOU MOM!!!

By Sandee

I celebrate every single person who is protesting the horror that is the new administration. People I am with you.

By member

My brother is like a big Wendys guy, he gets those disgusting bacon burgers, on Sunday I sat him down and got him to agree to be vegetarian for at least two weeks so he can give it a real try. This is total conquest. James is doing it and so can you! Cows send your love letters here!

By ShinA-ad

I just want to celebrate STEVE for making this Great Site. This is really becoming useful so Thank you. I found out about the day against denial here, I went and it was great.

By Carlotta Michaels

Hey Kate that's great! I always wanted to start composting and I saw that you're just using a hamper to do it, and I knew we had an old one upstairs so this got me started. Thanks for the great suggestion and thanks to you there's one more composter in the world.

By Angela B

For Christmas I gave a copy of cowspiracy to my sister, she and her family with three kids are like really big meat eaters. That's the movie about how meat is terrible for the environment, and I made her Promise to watch it and show it her kids. She said she would!  And the copy was legal too!

By Tim P

This isn't much, it isn't something to shout about, I have started to composte. I always wanted to and so I just made room right outside our back door and used an old hamper that we're not using any more. OK maybe a little shout because I'm proud I did this.

By Kate Meyer

I'm turning off this computer as quick as possi

By Shoshanna de Jamaica Plain

The Christman Goose can chill.

I am now a VEGAN!

By Thierry-Pierre

I got my parents to sign up with a company called New England Green Start. They provide electricity from all kinds of green sources. Our house will be more green now.

By Charles

I have created a new mantra which I offer free to anyone in the green world. Here it is:

I will not give in to despair.

I will not give in to despair.

I will not give in to despair.

Use it! Its yours!

By Leah the not yet enightened