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We help non-profits and communities achieve energy efficiency

From New Generation Energy:

What We Do:

We Educate - We educate other nonprofits about the importance of energy efficiency.

We are constantly researching the environmental and financial values of going green. Our Green Guides, blog and staff make complicated resources easier for nonprofits to understand. At the heart of it, we’re advocates for a healthier planet.

We Fundraise - We list nonprofits’ project proposals and raise awareness to contribute.

Our Green Listings page features community projects that need funding. We create concrete CO2 savings information to help nonprofits communicate their efforts to supporters. And when possible, we directly contribute money to help power nonprofits’ green projects.

We Connect - We build communities who care about environmental sustainability.

Our network of green energy partners, venders and staff helps nonprofits connect and build together. We hold social events to gather and celebrate people committed to the environment. We also create online platforms that continue the conversation and share the progress of our organizations.

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