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Bloombrick Urban Agriculture - an indoor farm in Cambridge

Bloombrick Urban Agriculture is an owner-operated indoor farm located in the heart of Cambridge, MA. We currently specialize in growing and selling still-living microgreen, wheatgrass, and other select produce in hydroponic and soil systems

But our goal, vision, and mission is much larger: We’d like to help cities, starting with Boston, to become fully sustainable, truly local, and dynamically regenerative in their produce production.

We want to show people that indoor home gardening and commercial urban greenhouse farming is not only economically feasible, but practical and essential to the growing demand for organic fresh produce in our cities.

Bloombrick’s end goal is to be the modern torchbearer for a new type of farming, helping to lead a journey back to a time when fresh, cheap, and local produce was the rule, not the exception.

Bloombrick Urban Agriculture
Cambridge, MA 02140
(413) 237-4052