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Habitat 2030: Restoring Nature, Building Community

Habitat 2030 is a group of volunteers who care about the remarkable natural areas of the Chicago region.

We host habitat restoration workdays, nature hikes and weekend camping trips, social gatherings and educational opportunities.

On workdays, we remove invasive plants, gather and spread seeds, and learn about nature as we go.

Through our work, we link interested newbies to expert mentors to build a community where people of all skill levels can discuss local ecology, conservation and habitat-restoration issues.

*The Shrub Club - The Shrub Club acts broadly to revive native shrubland diversity and health throughout the Chicago Wilderness Region and beyond – anywhere there’s a thicket in need!
*Leaf Litter Book Club - Discuss books about the natural environment.
*Forgotten Flora of Illinois and the Chicago Region - We’ve compiled a representative selection of botanical texts from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Our hope is to make these forgotten flora available to twenty-first century stewards and restoration enthusiasts

Join us! Everyone is welcome!

Habitat 2030
1400 S. Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60605

(872) 256-2030

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