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Chicago Electronics Recycling - Your Go-To for Recycling Electronics and Data Destruction


We are a faith based business offering free & low cost pick up for Businesses and Residents. We specialize in Chicago electronics recycling and data destruction for your computer, server, and hard drive.

20+ Drop Off Sites
Our drop off locations are throughout the Chicagoland area for many different items.

Pick Up Service
Our Pick Up Service uses fuel efficient vehicles. We pick up TV's, computers, Servers, etc.

State Of The Art Disposal
We continuously update our state of the art processes for e-waste disposal, data destruction & hazardous waste management.

On-Site & Off-Site HD Destruction
On-site HD "punching" is a cost effective way to see your hard drives destroyed. Data Destruction is a top priority!

Planning a Recycling Event?
We'll make sure your electronic recycling event is handled with care and we'll provide a certificate of proper disposal.

Drop Off Locations (by appointment):

Chicago Electronics Recycling
501 South Dearborn St.
Chicago, IL - 60605

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