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New Video Channel Highlights Food and the Environment


NowThis, the pioneering video network behind the bigly popular NowThis News, NowThis Politics and others, has launched a channel centering on food and its relationship to sustainability, community and the environment. NowThis Food debuted on December 6 with original stories tailored for viewing on mobile devices and via social media.

A partnership between NowThis and Campbell Soup Company, the new channel aims to tap into young people's often-touted "obsession" with food – its sources, social functions, production, waste avoidance and more.

"While there are tons of players in the food space, we didn't see any meaningful programming around food catered toward Millennials that isn't just how you create this recipe or how do you cook this dish," Athan Stephanopoulos, NowThis' President, has said.

With a programming recipe that avoids recipes, NowThis Food can provide offerings that are admirably intriguing and diverse. Recent videos delve into black-market olive oil, edible straws made from seaweed, the possible health benefits of drinking coffee, a turf war over the origins of tiramisu and a "smart bottle" that will pour you a glass of whiskey on command.

The short videos sport NowThis' customary sleekness. They feature bright colors, rapid cutting, extensive titling, ever-peppy music and a light touch applied to even the heaviest of subjects.

In short, this is a video feast that goes down well.

Check out NowThis Food's Facebook page here.

--By Marsha Kentwell