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Want to Make a Virtual Reality Project About Climate?


Turn your kinetic dreams into virtual reality through United4Climate, an international competition now calling for submissions.

Sponsored by Connect4Climate, a private-governmental partnership fighting climate change, the competition is inviting pitches for VR projects inspired by the message "Uniting for Climate Action."

The winning entry will get a chance to work with Connect4Climate and partners to make a finished VR realization of the pitch. Other prizes and recognitions may be awarded.

C4C asks entrants to submit both a video pitch of less than one minute and a "concept description" in less than 400 words. Both can be uploaded via the competition's website until November 18.

All pertinent subjects will be considered, though the competition offers a teaser of most favored themes: stories about "overcoming climate threats for vulnerable and coastal communities, supporting ocean and environmental protection, addressing rising and warming oceans, managing fresh water resources, preventing pollution and waste, building smarter and more resilient cities."

Running time is not restricted. Rather, "submissions should describe simple, but ingenious ideas that will enable relatively low cost VR production with the focus primarily on the subject matter rather than the technique," the C4C says. "The potential cost vis-à-vis the creativity envisaged will be taken into account in the judging process."

Winners will be selected by a panel of directors, climate activists and political figures. The contest is open to anyone age 18 and over, working individually or in teams of five or less. Multiple entries perfectly OK.

This may be the 360-degree opportunity you've been waiting for.

--By Theresa Williams