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There's a fair trade store that opened up near my house and I'm going to buy as much as I can there. It's more expensive, that I knew it would be. A t-shirt is like 30 dollars. It will be money well spent.

By Kim-Ly

This is rude so dont read more if u dont want to know it. i put a glass jar in my bathroom, i'm going to pee into it until its full then dump it, saving water. dont be grossed out, you should do it too.

By eldad the proud

Today, I change.

By E. Cuervoio

from steve weave twitter I heard about community choice energy. it's a great program let's you choose who you get electricty from so you can choose solar or other alternatives. it's really great and I'm going to tell everyone about it. Starting with you.

By lucia galan

I found out Boston has this really good program where you can give them like paint and oil and such for recycling, I think its once a month on Saturdays, maybe or probably only summer.  I declare I'm telling you about it and I declare your going to do it.

By Dayana

I declare I will do ANYTHING for the good of Mama Terra!!!

By GreenLoveLady

On Tuesday a friend told me she hadn't bought any new clothes in like 5 years. Now i know why she is my friend. I declare she is my hero.

By Carola Shills

I declare that my body is more than that of a woman, more than that of the Earth, and even more than that of my own. I declare my renewed commitment to they mystery of my body as an expression of peace and social justice, finding the hidden harmonies in the discord of this jambled world. I declare more humor and passion and good living. Less meat, more love! 

By Kasanita Adibulou (Ashland Can Never Go Back) #underground town

This isn't exactly "green" but I'm going to study to be a journalist. A real journalist. The times are teaching us that we need that profession more than ever. If you're a real jounalist, then you will end up helping with green news. Got to be.

By Samuel Ortega (Brookline)

I declare this adminstration is like monsters out of a bad movie. I declare I will do eveything I can to oppose it!

By Daughter of Ed Wood

Listen I am going to annouce this here because I am totally resisting this but if I announce it then its going to make me do it.

We're stopping Pamper's, as soon as we finish the last we will start cloth diaper, it is better, like I read. My husband is NOT thrilled but I told him I'll do as much of the changing as possible. And I already like it even better now I've announced it here. I also hope my husband will learn from this, maybe make other changes.

By Karla / Roxbury

I'm gonna stop slowing down my activism by loading it with lots of convictions and blame. Starting right about now, I'll fill my activist fuel tank with pure desire to help increase well-being to all of this sweet brief life around me! - 

By Jeff Falzone (out in Oregon, yo!)

I declare it! I just sent $50 to Friends Of The Earth!

By Ally

Here is my declaration. I will NEVER give up the fight.

By Cyn Powell

i am going to stop thinking that the lttle things i do don't matter. like turning off lites and washing my car by hand, recycling EVerything. it all helps, and you are like def on the right track when you know that.

By jason weller

Starting tomorrow, No. More. Bottled. Water. I declare it!

By srtfg

My big step is, i'm gonna start to define myself by what i do without and not by what i have, or bought! I will take joy from knowing that i am wasting as little as possible, no more clothes i don't need, really try to eat everything i get not throw it out just because it isn't prefectly what i prefer, things like that i haven't really thought about every way. Less really is more.

By Minnie Minimal

I know what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna concentrate all my protest work (letter writing like I do and sending e-mails) on the local and state level, because on the NATIONAL level we are EFFFED!

By By #]!+=!?\

What I am going to do, I am going to live with my eyes open. That will inevitably make me more green. When you get off automatic pilot you see things have got to change.

By Himmat V.S.

In January, on Saturdays for one month I'm going to hand out flyers about Climate Change in Inman square. I googled it, and physicians for social responsibility have something ready to download which you can give out. Stop by and pick one up!

By Nikki