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I'm volunteering for Friends of The Earth! Its really activist on the ground and in government, they're great in every way.

By Nan

At my office on Summer Street they keep the office like extremely warm all the time now. I am going to make them bring the temperature down, I already know who to start asking. It doesn't have to be summer all the time!

By Kristy D

I saw someone else here is doing this and they're right. Not once more buying water!

By Craig Kavenah

Republicans don't have to be terrible people though the Trump administration is like Godawful unbelieveably a nightmare for ecology. The guy for the EPA has worked to shut it down! I prmoise I'll fight them every way I can like by going to marches and environment events and reminding people that he didnt even win, he lost by like 3 million votes! He has no right to destroy our ecology. We have to fight this!

By Philippa Costas

I promise that I will give some money every month to envronmentalists like Greenpeace and Friends of the earth. It may be I can't give too much every month, but I want to get into the habit of giving as its good to do.

By Laura T M

Yes DigiD you are doing a good thing! I declare that if we somehow meet here in february I'm going to buy you a hot chocolate at cafe victoria and make it worth your while to stay!

By Alvaro Gonzie

This is tough because it can already get like amazingly cold but I promise I will walk eveyrwhere if I can do it under like 45 minutes. The exercize is great and I'll see new parts of Boston which I like, because I'm leaving end of next June. OK? Adidas ON!

By Rick Stomper

DigiD thats FANTASTIC!! You're really doing a GREAT thing and you inspire me. I'm gonna find something like that great to do and dedicate it to YOU!!!

By Rachel S

wow this is a big decision but I finally decided i'm not going to go to miami this february during break.

its always fun but it really isn't esential, i've been there like four times before. those planes are really terrible for pollution. i'm not going.

tell me i'm doing a good thing please!

By DigiD

I'm going to go study envirnomental science at Rutgers next year and then work in the field when I graduate, maybe in preserving national parks.

By Doug McKennon Jr.

I will never again buy bottled water!!

By anonymous

I will try to make friends with Republicans (it will be difficult!!) so to try to talk some sense into them about climate change!!

By Ernie Sanders

I will never eat meat again.  Never!

By Linda McCartney II

I don't know if this is what you mean but I have decided to give up waiting for the moment for climate change to get so bad that I'll be forced to do things and to start right away on recycling everything in our house, turning off lights in the room when we leave, taking faster showers and things like that. Also I'm not going to get coffee in paper or plastic cups. Is that what you mean?

By Mike in Somerville

I for one will give up stopping talking about climate change to anyone who is doubting it. 

By Rand B.

Starting next week I hope to never again take the car when I can walk or take my bicycle.  Promise.

By xavia