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Donating to Steve's Weave

Boy am I glad you're here.

It means you think we're doing something good.

And that's great.

Boy is it important, too. We're a start-up. And you know what that means:

We need your support.

With your support, this site will realize its fascinating potential, as the gathering place for the green community. We'll be able to pay our web host, and the phone bills, and the computer techies, and the good folks at the electric company, and even spring for a few morale-goosing munchies.

With your support, this site will harness the inestimable potential of folks who seek to do good for our communities and for our fine planet.

To do the things you want us to do.

OK: enough heavy stuff. (I get that way sometimes.)

The gist: Your support will make a difference. An immediate and significant difference.

No gift is too small. Every one is from-the-heart appreciated.

What's that nice word again?


Delighted to have you on our side,