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About Us

About us is a world that's really in a fix. 

We want to help.

Steve's Weave is the first-ever green classifieds website.

There's never been a place for the entire green community to get together – and Steve's Weave provides that place.  A place where we can gather the incomparable energies of green advocates – energies greater than anything coming out of the ground, any day – and use them to do great things.  

At Steve's Weave you can:

* Post announcements to publicize green events, projects, services, actions and more

* Offer and find green jobs, green energy, green investment, green you-name-it

* Share ideas on helping our lovely planet

* Build a nationwide community of green thinkers and do-ers

* And it's all free!

But this is not a place principally for buying and selling. We at Steve's Weave believe the best thing to consume is a preference for consuming less. Accordingly, we offer spots for buying and selling only what seems inescapably necessary. If you gotta have 'em, go get 'em green.


It's taken us over two years to put this site together. There's been lots of work and many setbacks that have been entirely joyous to overcome. The goal is a site that's simple, efficient and effective.

But we're just starting out and, absolutely, things can be made better.

Which means: Your ideas are seriously welcome. Please send them our way, via our Contact form.

And we surely need volunteers. At Steve's Weave, the door is open – wide – for you to contribute.

Most needed: help with site maintenance and promotion, particularly via social media

If you're interested, so are we.

Thanks for being – and for being eco-conscious!   –Steve