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Cambridge Seven Associates: at the forefront of green design

Cambridge Seven Associates promotes the design and construction of environmentally responsible, healthy places to visit, live, learn, and work. The firm has been at the forefront of green design since its inception, with commissions including aquariums, museums, and exhibits that focus on ecological issues and environmental education.

This environmental ethic continues to inform C7A’s approach to sustainable architecture, resilient communities, high-performance buildings, and conservation of resources. On every project, C7A’s architects and designers bring a sensitivity to site, a responsiveness to the natural world, an economical and innovative approach to sustainable materials, and a concern for the larger community.

OurSustainable Design Services:
High-performance and energy-efficient building design, including LEED design and certification
Green exhibit design
Net zero, renewable energy, and energy use optimization
Operational and maintenance sustainability for existing buildings, new construction, and major renovations
Building resiliency
Green materials and lifecycle thinking


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