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SolarWerks: The best solar resource under Chicago’s sun!

SolarWerks offers expert solar design, installation & roofing for commercial and residential clients.

*Live in a healthier home with fewer harmful emissions
*Do your part to address climate change
*Be a leader in your neighborhood by upgrading to green energy

What We Do:

 Photovoltiac (Solar Electric)
 Solar Air Heat
 Solar Water Heating

Along with reducing local pollution from the burning of fossil fuels, solar taps into the free energy from the sun and saves you money over time.

We are proud to stand behind a product that is a win-win for your finances as well as the health of our environment.

Contact us today to get a system installation estimate for your business or home.

Go Green with SolarWerks!


2817 N. Lakewood Avenue
Chicago, IL 60657

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