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A Splendid Opportunity for Young Eco-Journalists


The gist is Grist is offering you a shot.

The Seattle-based online magazine, doing great green stuff since 1999, has announced its Spring 2018 Fellowship program. For work beginning next March, Grist is now accepting applications for fellowships in three fields: News, Justice and Video. Full disclosure: This is a terrific chance to learn, hone your skills, gain mentors and more.

In general, "We are looking for early-career writers, reporters, and editors," Grist says. "Candidates are most likely college or j-school grads, with some experience in journalism. We will offer exposure to the leading sustainability thinkers and theories of our time, real-world experience at a fast-paced news site, and the occasional French bulldog in a Triceratops costume."

The News Fellow will contribute daily to Grist editorial, researching and writing everything from brief updates to features. The Fellow in Justice will do similar, with an emphasis on "the connections between social inequality and the environment." And the Video Fellow's responsibilities include collaborating with Grist's in-house team to produce short videos and acting as a general aide-de-camp.

Fellows must commit for six months, and will be paid $2,750 per month. News and Justice Fellows can work remote, though Video winners must be at Grist's Seattle office.

Says the magazine: "We are an independent nonprofit media organization that shapes the country's environmental conversations, making green second nature for our monthly audience of 2.5 million and growing. At Grist, green isn't about hugging trees or hiking – it's about using humor and straight talk to connect big issues like climate change to real people and how they live, work, and play."

Further info, including the scoop on applying, is here. Applications are due by December 29, 2017.

A wonderful opportunity. Hey, if I weren't so busy making Steve's Weave great, I'd apply, too!

--By Jim Pierce